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Offering training and prospective career opportunities to young musicians with a specialist interest in contemporary music has been a key component of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble's strategic vision since its inception. 

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council's artistic internship scheme, young musicians selected for the HKNME Emerging Artist scheme will receive mentorship and coaching from Ensemble musicians, as well as numerous opportunities to perform with the Ensemble in concerts, ranging from outreach projects all the way to interdisciplinary collaborations and overseas opera tours. As part of the programme, they will also be offered carte blanche to propose, curate and perform in their own themed recitals, presented by the HKNME.

Our HKNME Emerging Artists' roster includes:

- Karina Yau, percussion (2014 - 15)

- Stella Chan, sanxian (2015 - 16)

- Angus Lee, flute (2016 - 18)

- Linus Fung, clarinet (2019 - 20)

- Rebecca Tang, viola (2019 - )

- Shelley Ng, piano (2020 - )

- Edwin Wong, trumpet (2020 - )

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