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Funding Partners

Funding Partners

Hong Kong Arts Development Council

The Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) has been annually funding the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble since 2012. The Council's endowment funds the daily operations of the Ensemble, enabling the group in fulfilling its mission of bringing high quality performance and education initiatives in contemporary music and interdisciplinary collaborative projects to the audience in Hong Kong. 


Home Affairs Bureau

The Home Affairs Bureau (HAB) has been supporting various projects of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble under the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme since 2014; it was with the Bureau's support that many of the HKNME's flagship projects and initiatives were made possible, including The Modern Academy (2014 - 17) and Caravanserais  (2019).


Programme Partners

Programme Partners


Goethe-Institut is one of Hong Kong New Music Ensemble's major institution partners. With the support of and in partnership with Goethe-Institut Hong Kong, HKNME has mounted several notable productions, most notable among which is the special project In Dialogue with Beethoven (2020), featuring both concert performances and lecture demonstrations. 

The Goethe-Institut also provides special travel sponsorships to artists traveling to and from Germany, granting HKNME access to a wide network of international collaborators with artists such as composers Brett Dean and Toshio Hosokawa, as well as concert designer Folkert Uhde.


Osage Gallery

The Osage Gallery is a long term programme and venue partner of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble since 2008. HKNME's The Listening Room series, which first ran in 2009, was co-presented at Osage Soho, acting as a meeting point for local and international sound artists and contemporary classical, jazz & electronic musicians.

The series returned after a decade amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, with a new focus in acting as a nurturing outpost for progressive and thought-provoking sonic experiences, providing a dialogue between audiences and practitioners in exploring a wide spectrum of rarely-heard contemporary works.


Education Partners

Education Partners

University of Hong Kong Department of Music

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