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Angel's Bone - Beijing Premiere

罪與罰 靈與慾 直搗人性荒蕪之地

…cutting-edge… to whom [Du Yun] the term ‘young composer’ could hardly do justice…

The New York Times, USA

A work that gave me nightmares, yet one that I would nonetheless see again

The Washington Post , USA

Our lives are priceless yet still they can be sold. Today, millions of people are trafficked across borders and many children turned into sex slaves. This is the shocking landscape framing Angel’s Bone, which centres on the machinations of a cash-strapped middle-class couple. After accidentally saving a pair of angels, who have fallen back down to Earth, the once-worthy citizens are tempted to profit from exploiting the bodies of the vulnerable celestials.

Shanghai-born composer Du Yun now lives in New York and is the first Chinese woman to receive the Pulitzer Prize for Music. Together with librettist Royce Vavrek, international and local musicians and vocalists, she combines opera, pop, chamber music, electronic rock, and cabaret into a searing multi-art performance, probing the twisted psyche of human traffickers.

18 & 19.10.2019 (Fri & Sat)

19:30 Poly Theatre, Beijing

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罪與罰 靈與慾 直搗人性荒蕪之地


普立茲音樂獎首位華人女性得主、旅居紐約的作曲家杜韻,與負責文本的羅伊斯‧瓦弗瑞克、國際 / 本地樂手及歌唱家,糅合歌劇、流行音樂、室樂、電子搖滾、卡巴萊歌舞等,聚焦人販子扭曲的心象風景。人情世情複雜無比,迷失的不只你共我。台上鋪演人間慘劇,觀者骨子裡演上了哪個角色?

Archive video in 2018 Hong Kong premiere -

Du Yun, Composer

Royce Vavrek, Librettist

Michael Joseph McQuilken, Director and Projection Design

Julian Wachner, Music Director

Maruti Evans, Scenicand Lighting Designer

Kate Fry, Costume Designer

Jennifer Newman, Choreographer

Anne Cecelia DeMelo, Assistant Director

Caley Monahon-Ward, Sound Engineer

Moe Shahrooz, Video Associate

Matt Steinberg, Lighting Associate

Emily Woods Hogue, Costume Assistant

Liz Printz, Hair& Makeup Supervisor

Barbara Erin Delo, Wardrobe Supervisor

Lissy Barnes-Flint, Stage Manager

Shayna Rose Penn, Assistant Stage Manager

Live Music: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Chorus: Ensemble Traversée

* This project is supported by the Arts Development Fund of the Home Affairs Bureau, the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Presenter: Beijing Music Festival Arts Foundation

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