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Atlas 6 - at Haw Par Music

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

場域特定藝術計劃「聽得見的城市」終章 - 《亞特拉斯・六》

26.10.2019 在虎豹樂圃舉行的《亞特拉斯・六》是場域特定藝術計劃「聽得見的城市」的終章,計劃由鄺展維策劃及作曲,從構思、製作至實行經歷了超過三年時間,製作團隊衷心感謝六個場地伙伴、教育活動伙伴聲音掏腰包和音樂創作工作坊協辦伙伴的支持及信任,特別鳴謝何鴻毅家族基金對計劃的贊助及支持。




"Atlas 6" held at Haw Par Music on Oct 26 2019 is the final chapter of site-specific project “Our Audible City” curated and composed by Charles Kwong, taking more than three years from concept to implementation. The creative team would like to express sincere gratitude to our venue partners, education programme partner soundpocket HK, and music making workshop co-organisers, for their support and trust. We would also like to thank The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation for their generous support and contribution.

Six musical works were created for this project. The workshops and performances explored the interrelationships between visuals, sound and space. Invited visual artist Frank Tang drew maps for the performance venues, recording his experiences. The performances of the "Atlas" series also engraved the perception and understanding of the composer and performers onto these spaces.

The creative team is grateful for the tremendous support, interest and feedback from the audience. The project website is undergoing updates and is estimated to be completed by the end of this year. This website contains documentation by sound artists and participants of the sound collecting workshops during the project.

Please stay tuned and follow our journey on

亞特拉斯・一 Atlas 1


Tai Kwun


亞特拉斯・二 Atlas 2


Tai Lei Island, Peng Chau


亞特拉斯・三 Atlas 3


SCAD Hong Kong


亞特拉斯・四 Atlas 4


Haking Wong Podium,

University Museum & Art Gallery, HKU


亞特拉斯・五 Atlas 5


Tung Lin Kok Yuen


亞特拉斯・五 Atlas 6


Haw Par Music


作曲及策劃:鄺展維 Composer & Curator: Charles Kwong

小提琴:金恩娥、張文蕊* Violin: Euna Kim, Kitty Cheung*

中提琴:凌藝廉、鄧詠旋^ Viola: William Lane, Rebecca Tang^

大提琴:左啟希 Cello: Chor Kai Hei

低音大提琴:許裕成 Double Bass: Simon Hui

敲擊:周彥廷*、何怡安、劉語 Percussion: Vonald Chow*, Ho Yi On, Matt Lau

鋼琴:朱偉恆*#、吳皓澄* Piano: Alan Chu*#, Anson Ng*

七絃琴:介山 Qin: KAISAN

Photos by Cheung Chi Wai

* This project is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Presenter: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

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