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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

The HKNME is expanding. We are proud to announce new formal additions to our ensemble family in 2021, bringing our membership to 29! In addition to our 13 dedicated core musicians in HK and associate artists (who live outside the city) - we are pleased to welcome a new group of amazing associate musicians, who join the core line-up when the ensemble expands to play larger repertoire. In addition to this, we have energised our internship scheme, which is now known as nme emerging artists. Later in 2021 the HKNME will also announce a new formal group of artist collaborators from fields outside music, spearheading a new series of exciting interdisciplinary productions.

Many of our new members have been regular collaborators of the HKNME for many years and will be familiar to most of you who attend our concerts. There are some quick profiles of the fresh faces below. We will also be featuring them in various social media posts in the coming months. See you all soon!

Full ensemble line-up:

William Lane

(in alphabetical order)



Linus Fung (clarinet)

Vicky Shin (associate conductor)

Ben Pelletier (trombone)



Kitty Cheung (violin)

Kaisan (qin/ xiao)

Charles Ng (saxophone)

Kelvin Ng (double bass)

Stephenie Ng (clarinet)

Gary Chong (tuba)

Karen Yu (percussion)

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