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Paradise Interrupted - Macau Premiere

Paradise Interrupted

An Installation Opera in One Act

by Jennifer Wen Ma


August 29 and August 31 2019

This arresting installation opera tells the story of a woman searching for an unattainable ideal in a world that comes to life through her singing, as she attempts to return to the Garden. Co-produced by Spoleto Festival USA, Lincoln Center Festival, Singapore International Festival of Arts and National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, it weaves the myths of the Garden of Eden and Peony Pavilion, with a mesmerizing composition that merges a 600-year-old Kun opera with contemporary Western opera. The creative use of interactive technology enables a host of digital characters to interact with the heroine within a magical garden to create an enchanting story.

The director and designer of this exquisite opera is visual artist, Jennifer Wen Ma. The composition, which is both a celebration of tradition and an entirely new masterpiece, is by Huang Ruo. The quest-seeking heroine is Qian Yi, who has been lauded by The New York Times as "China's reigning opera princess."

Director, concept and visual designer | Jennifer Wen Ma

Composer | Huang Ruo

Libretto | Ji Chao, Jennifer Wen Ma, Huang Ruo, and Qian Yi Inspired by Tang Xian Zu’s text

Conductor | Chien Wen-pin

Kun performer | Qian Yi

Countertenor | John Holiday

Tenor | Joshua Dennis

Bariton | Joo Won Kang

Bass-Bariton | Ao Li

Orchestra | Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Stage design | Mathew Hilyard

Lighting design | Lihe Xiao

Interactive video design | Guillermo Acevedo

Projection design | Austin Swister

Costume design | Melissa Kirgan, Xing-Zhen Chung Hilyard

Choreography | Gwen Welliver

English libretto interpretation and translation |  H.M. Agnes Hsu-Tang

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