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Exhibition - The Unexpected Guest

Exhibition | The Unexpected Guest

Through the work "The Unexpected Guest", Artist Lo Lai Lai Natalie collaborated with composer Lam Lai to discuss what the ideal relationship between man and nature should be, and the paradox of the coexistence between man and urban wildlife. This project was commissioned by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble as part of the Sonic Ecology research project. ________

Exhibition period: 27/3 - 10/4 Location: Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre Address: No.50, Kotewall Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong (near University Drive entrance) Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday - Sunday 10:30am to 5:30pm | Wednesday 10:30am to 2:30pm Tel: 2975 9031

展覽 | 不速之客 ________

是次展覽藝術家勞麗麗與作曲家林儷合作,透過作品《不速之客》討論人與自然的理想關係及當中存在的各種矛盾。 作品由今天起至4月10日於龍虎山環境教育中心展出。 《不速之客》是由香港創樂團SONIC ECOLOGY 研討專題委約的作品。

展期: 27/3 至10/4 地點:龍虎山環境教育中心 地址:香港半山旭龢道50號(近大學道入口) 開放時間:星期二、四至日 上午 10:30 至 下午 5:30 | 星期三 上午 10:30 至 下午 2:30 中心電話:2975 9031

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