SONIC ECOLOGY will take place 4-6 December 2020 as a digital conference focused on innovative sound-based projects that address environmental awareness and engagement, facilitating artistic connections with the natural world, and/or to address - directly or conceptually - pressing environmental issues. Speakers and workshop leaders will engage with an international online audience from a wide variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives.

Conference Schedule and Zoom Access Links

Keynote Speakers:


sound artist, designer, researcher

Victor GAMA

composer, musical instrument designer

Kaspar KÖNIG

sound artist, environmentalist, 

product designer 

Guest Speakers:

Michael LEUNG

artist, designer

Ying LUO


Dr Eugene BIRMAN 


Kingsley NG

artist, designer

SZE Ka Yan


founder of Fragrant Village

Wen Chin FU


musical instrument designer

Paper Presentations:

- Dr Jonas BAES

- Dr Zhangyi CHEN

- Rob COSGROVE, Nick HWANG, Margaret Anne SCHEDEL, Brian SMITH

Commissioned Projects:

Conference Calendar:

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General Admission (Free): 

Workshop (Free): 

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